those who wander

The word wander has it’s root from the old english word wend or also wind.This gives the word quite a different meaning in that generally to wander is a useless moving about. We almost think of someone sleepwalking as wandering, aimless and perhaps a little lost. Perhaps a first look at the wind may also give a similar impression, it comes and goes without any real direction, however while it may not have an evident direction, it as a definite purpose. That is why we set out to wander, we have no real direction that we ourselves can see, however we know that when we wander it is inevitable that much needed elements will be brought into our lives, almost like the wind brings the rain to the soil.

So without further ado I introduce to you the wanderers.

Eric D. Retterbush

Eric has been known to have a bit of what some might call wander-lust. This may come from the combination of his great ability to live in each moment tagged with a history of traveling on worldwide escapades. However this trip seems a little different then past gaunts, in that he currently feels pretty content with his flagstaff community. Perhaps his lust is turning to love who knows to find out more about Eric visit his blog at

Melissa L. Dohse

Mel has never been to Asia, though she has traveled much in Africa and Central America. Melissa hopes to pursue a lifelong dream of working with oppressed and trafficked women in southern Asia. One purpose of this trip is to explore that calling to see if perhaps any long term opportunities may present themselves. You can find out more about Mel at her blog

Michael L. Barger

Michael might be known for his ability to create community. He is an experienced traveler and a seasoned guide, however Michael’s true gift lies in creating friendship, something he hopes to deepen with his fellow pilgrims on this four month trip. To find out more about Michael stay tuned.

and your author

I have made short little trips into Asia in the past that have only aroused an appetite for more. One of my hopes for this trip is to allow any fallacies of western theology to be broken down to make way for truth. I am also very much looking forward to riding a train through India with my wife and a couple of great friends. you can find out more about myself at

Thanks for joining us as we wander!

1 thought on “those who wander

  1. This is wonderful – Michael showed me today at work! I can’t wait to hear of all your adventures while you all are away!
    all my peace and love,

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