Mel loved the sand crabs and spent an hour trying to get this shot as they are quite timid creatures.

Eric and I get pretty high as we did some solo climbing it was pretty exciting and decently scary.


Well we’re starting our trip off with a little climbing vaction at Hat Ton Sai in southern Thailand. Being out of American culture has been extremely refreshing, not that I don’t love my home, it’s just nice to experience other cultures again and be outside of our comfort zone, it felt like a breath of fresh air getting off the plane, even though in truth it was very polluted air. Some of the high moments have been deep water solo climbing, eating new fruit and watching sand crabs create intricate designs on the beach. The low moments are sunburns, mosquitos, and spiders the size of my hand in our clothes. We wanted to save on sunscreen and only got the 15 spf because the 30 was 20 bucks; however, it wasn’t worth the saved money as we all got burnt to a crisp. That’s the worse of it though, overall we feel super blessed. Next we head to Pattaya to see if we can do some work with an Irish team that is working with a local ministry that helps women out of prostitution. Love ya!

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