A popular shot from walking street.


What to say about Pattaya? This city has been known as Vegas on steroids. T-shirts proudly proclaim “good guys go to heaven bad guys go to Pattaya”. As you enter the town you drive beneath an arch that reads “Welcome to Pattaya, the Extreme City.” Missionaries who have been, talk about the oppressive spiritual atmosphere and how you can feel the darkness as you enter. Many of these descriptions have often left my own mouth, however this time the trip has seemed different. While not much has changed in the city all I see amongst the believers here is hope and joy. I think sometimes the drama of evil offers it more power than it holds, even here it still lacks the strength to keep Jesus from bringing life and joy to individuals on a daily basis.


While we are still digesting the reality that we find here, I can say our time spent here has seemed divinely purposed, it is as if God has turned on a burner under our hearts and is brewing something up, who knows what that might be time will tell. Meanwhile we enjoy the time together with our new friends here and look very much forward to meeting up with Michael and Eric for the next big adventure…..India.

2 thoughts on “Pattaya

  1. This is soooooo wonderful to hear! I am excited to hear more and continue to pray that od opens your hearts to His goodness, life, and joy! Love you two!

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