Happy Thanksgiving from Nepal

Well we landed in Pokhara, Nepal on Thanksgiving day and It’s working out pretty well, there is no cranberry sauce and no pumpkin pie and our families are well, far away seems like an understatement; however thankful we are and shall be. It took us 17 hours to get here from India by bus, and not to scare our mothers but after that ride we truly are thankful just to be alive.

This is personally my third time in a foreign country for Thanksgiving and it has never been easy, especially since it is my favorite holiday. Yet to be honest there is something about being away that causes my heart to feel even more gratitude for our family. Here in a place so far removed from my culture and reality I can see and know how much of who I am is directly connected to who my family is, and in this moment nothing could fill me with more gratitude than that.

Sometimes when we are surrounded with our own we can tend to be more critical, and this may be beneficial, it may not be, however, when we are removed from our own we realize how critical family truly is.

So Dear Family,

Thank you, without you we truly are nothing. We love and miss you so much and we are so grateful to be yours,

Kris and Mel

In the same breath I would be lying if I didn’t say that I am so thankful to celebrating Thanksgiving with the best friends and travel companions one could ask for, we truly have become family on this trip, and I am thankful for that.  Pokhara will be providing us with a roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and apple pie finished with a glass of wine. For any who have traveled in Nepal or India you know how amazing that sounds. I can’t wait. So from the foot of the Himalayas HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

P.s. here are some left over Pics from our time in Darjeeling and

Dive into some chai.

Sikkim. More reasons why we are filled with gratitude.

Mel's Birthday Cottage

Monastery Trek

a 93 year old sikkimese woman.

Third highest peak in the world.

Darjeeling Tea

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Nepal

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! WE MISS YOU GUYS. Thanks for keeping us updated. Can’t wait to see the pix from Nepal. We’re praying for a safe trip and a good tummy for Mel. We’re all going over to Isabel’s & Bob’s for dinner. Everyone says hi. Have fun, minister & stay safe. Love Dad

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