Holy Hindu Cow We’re Coming Home

anything goes in the Phi Phi Islands

Well I can’t upload any photo for the time being so this will be a short post until we are back with our own computers. Basically, this is just for the record. We are clinging on to the last bits of Southeast Asia spending tonight in Bangkok before our long journey home. I must say I’m already getting nostalgic for curry and coconut, the call to prayer, the sound of motor bikes and the great tropical air. Though we’re coming home to the states our wandering still continues as at least for Melissa and I our future is completely unknown, other than we’ll be bumming a roof from our parents for a couple of weeks while we figure out how to go grocery shopping and drive on the right  (not necessarily correct) side of the road again. We’re super excited to be with friends and family again, for sure though not so excited about being back in the more predictable United States of America. However our pursuit of contentment for the here and now will be ongoing. We’re also very excited  for MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!

stay posted for our closing posts with tons of pictures and the stories from the last couple weeks including coffee farms, sea turtles, and night markets 🙂

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