Well after about two weeks in southern arizona Mel and I have finally made it back to Flag. We entered via I17 listening to  godo by Jonsi. And I’d lie if I didn’t say it was decently emotional. Slightly overwhelming. Michael will return in the future and Eric has been here for the last few weeks. We have touched base a little bit but not really. Right now I am sitting at white dove listening to my dad’s newest heresy. Which is as much as an adventure as listening to the call to prayer in an open market in Indonesia….. I am currently debating the future of this blog as it’s set out purpose is slowly coming to end. I do know that there is still a lot of processing that will be the result of this trip but much of that will probably stay in our journals or on our lips and not make it to the world wide web. I don’t want to string any you along but we will be posting pics soon of Flagstaff and our friends here so you can stay posted for that. For more blogging excitement you can also visit our other blogs at  http://krisdohse.wordpress.com/ and http://melissadohse.blogspot.com/

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