Another Dimension

 Let’s sit down for a second and discuss, the ever changing momentum and flux, the disparaging yet crucial longing for purpose and reason and sense. In all facets of life we find this dance, this war, this unavoidable melodramatic ballad that leads us to questions we might often rather avoid. Such as: Does the longing for purpose despairingly reveal a lack of purpose? Why does the realization of a dream impose both joy and disappointment? Are our longings and hopes always born with higher expectations then reality can accomplish? Is individual purpose a story already written or are we our own authors?  
 These questions are like a dimension, a place that once we have found the way, we can continually visit or avoid. Yet, whenever we are there, everything hangs in the balance. Some have found the ability to be present there every day, while others are lucky (or unlucky) if they find it in a lifetime. For others these questions may be invariably forced upon them without any fore sight or aspiration.


 What does this discussion have to do with a family travel blog? Everything! “The Wandering” speaks to this very idea of searching and longing. To wander and/or take sabbatical is one way to be present to this dimension of unknowing. Our pastor in Denver recently preached a sermon about how true sabbatical is a rest from the need to be worthy. In other words, it is a place of letting our questions of purpose exist without searching for their answers. This happens when half way through our trip we think “ this is really hard, we should go home”. This is the moment we begin to feel the very strong need that exists to “know” and to be in control. And though it is difficult, if we let grace lead us through, the truth is revealed that, “those who lose themselves shall find themselves”.

Click the following link to hear Nadia’s 10 minute sermon.

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